Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Spring Fever at DirectMatches!

Spring Fever seems to have a firm grip on DirectMatches members! Along with the massive growth of our membership base, networking and social communication between members has also been burning up the intercommunity e-mail system.

This is not surprising. As more and more members discover the convenience of zipping off a quick note to the owner of an interesting profile, everyone will become anxious to log into his or her account and go directly to "My Mails" to see what's new! Besides convenience, intercommunity e-mail also offers the guarantee that all your messages WILL be delivered. No need to worry about SPAM filters or bounced e-mail anymore!

So, dive right in and send an intercommunity e-mail to someone. Remember, your personal information is protected. No one will ever know more about you than what is contained in your public profile or what you divulge yourself in a personal communication. The same applies with instant messaging, the chat rooms, and message boards.

Have fun, enjoy Spring Fever, and socialize or network to your heart's content!